Registration Instructions

Acceptance of the abstracts for the conference is closed. If you submitted you abstract during the last several day (October 25-November 4), please wait for acceptance letter. Registration will be considered complete only after payment of the registration fee as described below:

Registration Fees

We are encouraging ICTOPON-2009 participants whose abstartcs has been accepted to pay for registration in advance. If you are a participant from India, please skip to the instructions after "Registration Fees for Participants from India".

   - For non-Indian participants make sure that checks should be made to ICTOPON2009, the Bank of Montreal is the name of the bank for the wire transfers. There is a small difference when you use either US or CDN fund during the transfer. Please follow these instructions.

   - Alternatively send your registration payments to Rob Lipson, Department of Chemistry, University of Western Ontario London ON CANADA N6A 5B7 in the form of a check or money order (made it payable to ICTOPON-2009). The deadline for registration by mail is December 10, 2008.

   - If you cannot pay the conference registration fee in advance, please bring a check or money order to India.

All the registartion fees are in $US.

Student $200
Academia $650
Industry $1000
Accompanying Person $150

Registration fee includes local transportation (hotel to the conference site), transportation from Allahabad airport to the hotel, lunches, tea/coffee/snacks (during the conference) and conference material (booklet and conference proceedings). Conference banquet is $50 (optional)

Registration Fees for Participants from India

Send your registration fee to Hari Prakash. All payments should be made to ICTOPON-2009 in the form of Demand Drafts.

Student Rs.2000
Academia Rs.5000
Industry Rs.10000
Accompanying Person Rs.2500

Trip to Taj Mahal, Agra

On the day following the conference (January 9, 2009) we plan to have a trip to Taj Mahal, which is located in Agra few hundred kilometers to the north-west from Allahabad. The tentative plan for this trip is to travel from Allahabad for Agra on the evening of January 8 by train. We will spent most of the day (Jan 09) in Agra, and return to New Delhi by bus.

The cost of the trip is not included in the conference registration fee, but would not exceed $160-200 (including transportation by train, breakfast and lunch in Agra, and visit itself). Various options are negotiating at the moment, and it will be very helpful to know how many people are interested to go. In order to book the train tickets in advance, we will need to provide the names of the travelers.

We are trying to reserve the train tickets for all the people interested to visit Taj Mahal. Since the railways is the most reliable and affordable ways to travel in India, we need to reserve the tickets as soon as possible. For security reasons we need to provide all the names and home addresses of the travelers. If you have not done so, please send your name and home address to or directly to Dr. Mahi Singh in the next few days

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